Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Candy Apple M&M's

You know by now, we can't have seasonal products without seasonal M&M's.  For the last few years, M&M's have come second only to Oreo cookies in the battle for most-unique-flavors supremacy.  Whether it's Red Velvet, Pumpkin Spice, Carrot Cake, or Gingerbread, there's no doubt M&M's do their fair share of getting involved and enhancing the season.  Unlike some of you, I never knock a company for taking advantage of the system and using my curiosity for their profit.  In fact, I welcome it.  I love these new, sometimes oddball, off-the-wall flavors and always go out of my way to review and appreciate them.  In today's case, there's nothing too out of the ordinary and the flavor is probably long overdue.  Falling in line with Fall 2014, M&M's have gone apple picking!

This was to be expected.  This season, everybody and their mothers cashed in on the apple craze and we were immersed into a world of Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple as the two squared off inside Hell in a Cell.  Okay, maybe I'm crossing the streams, but did any company NOT release one of these two flavors?  No matter where I looked, one of them seemed to be staring back at me, begging for even more money that I don't have.  Silly me, I forked it over every time.  But in the case of Candy Apple M&M's, there was never any hesitation.  First of all, I always do my part to support Halloween products and M&M's always do their best to give us what we want.  Secondly, even though I never finish more than just a few M&M's, they're relatively cheap and people like to look at them.  Lastly, the simple fact that M&M's chose to use "Candy" Apple rather than "Caramel" Apple is worth a round of applause.  Plus, despite their mascot, the candies are red, not green.  They merely used her to seduce us.  What screams gluttony more than a sexy green circle?

I've reviewed many different M&M flavors and, for the most part, they all share the same thing in common.  No matter how hard they try to be anything other than chocolate, they always taste like chocolate.  For a few, there's an underwhelming hint or weird aftertaste, but I usually can't even tell there's a difference.  However, in this case, there's clearly an apple flavor present and it's kicked up a notch or two to my liking.  The chocolate is good and that goes without saying, but the layer of Candy Apple that comes with it is really good.  It's sweet and reminds me of the Green Apple Jolly Rancher.  I think that's a poor example because now you may be thinking extreme or sour, but I'm talking more about the diluted aftertaste than anything else.  It's hard to describe, but they're better than the M&M's I'm used to reviewing.  They're perfect for Fall, maybe just as good for Winter, and I'm happy to have picked them up.  For the first time since I started this blog, this may very well be the bag that gets finished.  About time.

8 / 10

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