Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Funko Holidaze Pop! - Billy Loomis

Over the last year, I've become a major fan of Funko and their licensed lines of figures.  Whether it be their Mystery Minis, Funko Pop! or Re-Action figures, I've spent quite a lot of money on the collectibles.  Quite frankly, they're just too awesome for me to resist and while I've yet to feature them on The Holidaze, you can rest assured they'll make an appearance in one way or another as our season progresses.  If you haven't started your Funko collection yet, then I urge you to do so.  Their wider array of characters appeal to everybody.  For me, the horror, holiday, and wrestling collections are must-haves.  So far, I've purchased just about every one I want, but still have so many more on the wish list.  At such a low price, it's easy to get lost in their catalog and find yourself on top of Funko mountain in your living room.  By that, I mean you'll end up buy so many that there's literally a mountain of toys in your living room.

Now, for as many licensed characters as Funko has to offer, I thought it would be fun to think outside the box and come up with a few obscure designs.  I did this last year with my Holidaze Hi-C Horror designs and they were a huge hit within our little community.  People seemed to get a kick out of them and I really enjoyed the interaction.  When it comes to illustration, I'll be the first to admit I don't quite have a grasp on it, just yet.  There are so many awesome artists out there, many of which I follow on Twitter, and I'd love to see their take on this Holidaze line, but I decided to run with the idea in spite of my lackluster abilities in Illustrator.  My claim to fame is graphic design, particularly in sports, but I had to take a shot at this!

So, here's the deal - between now and Halloween, I'll be featuring as many Funko Holidaze Pop! character designs as I can!  My goal is to, at least, post one a day.  That would give us 31 character designs, but I'm going to be optimistic and hope that I can far surpass that in October.  I know I'm super busy, but this is way too much fun and I'm willing to sacrifice some sleep to get these out of my mind and in yours.  I have a crazy amount of characters written down on paper and It's my goal to bring them to life.  If I can pull it off, I think we're all in for a treat!

So, with that all said, here's the first in The Holidaze Pop! line, inspired by Funko!  For the next few days, we'll be focusing on "Scream" and you might have already seen my rough draft on Instagram.  Here's the updated Billy Loomis!

Scream is, without a doubt, one of my favorite Horror movies of all-time.  Actually, scratch that, it's one of my favorite movies, period!  I've seen it countless times, to the point where I've memorized the lines, and have always been fascinated by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher as two homicidal maniacs within the horror genre.  It was only right that the man behind Ghostface be featured as the first of many Holidaze Pop! designs!

Bloody Billy Loomis was going to be saved for another entry on a different day, but the kick-off deserves to be special.  In a perfect world, Funko would release Billy Loomis in his white t-shirt and make this bloody version an exclusive.  Of course, he'd need those iconic features stuck to his bloody arm.  When you think of Billy Loomis, this is the image that comes to mind.
"Movies don't create psychos!  Movies make psychos more creative!"

Again, I don't claim to be the greatest artist of all-time.  I clearly didn't add any shine or airbrush any glow to make these images look plastic.  They're basic, but they get the job done and represent the characters I want to see released by Funko.  Similar to the Holidaze Hi-C Horror designs, it's all about getting the ideas out there and sharing them with all of you.  If you can do a better, more realistic job, then by all means join in and get involved!  I'd love to see what you can do!

So now you know what to expect from The Holidaze Pop! designs inspired by Funko.  Or do you?  I have some pretty cool characters in mind, I just need to find the time.  Until then, sit back and relax.  For the next few days, you're in for a "Scream."

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