Friday, October 3, 2014

Funko Holidaze Pop! - Randy Meeks

"Scream" week continues here on The Holidaze as I bring you my Holidaze Pop! designs inspired by Funko.  As the month progresses, I'll be bringing you a variety of characters from different films and franchises, but Scream is one I'd love to see done in completion.  As we're still just beginning this series of designs, I wanted to hit on all the must-haves and, today, I'm featuring a man who wrote, lived, and died by the rules of horror - Randy Meeks!

If they only listened to Randy, maybe they wouldn't have suffered such a horrible fate.  On that note, even Randy should have followed his own rules.  Maybe then, he would have been more than just a VHS cameo in Scream 3.  Regardless, Jamie Kennedy played such an important character in the Scream franchise and I respect him for delivering so well.

If Funko were to ever steal my ideas and run with them, Randy would be a must in their line of Scream characters.  Decked out in his classic green "Freshjive" 90s tee and brown pants, Randy would be a perfectly colorful addition to the horror collection.  Now I'm going to tweet this to Jamie Kennedy and hope he shares it with the world.  You should do the same.  Maybe Funko will get the point and start bringing these Scream Pops to life!

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