Thursday, October 2, 2014

Funko Holidaze Pop! - Sidney Prescott

Day 2 in our Holidaze Pop! Marathon and, as mentioned, we're continuing with our "Scream" characters.  In my opinion, there's no horror franchise with more well-known, consistently featured, characters.  Usually, there are one or two who make a recurring appearance, but are often times forgotten.  With "Scream," there's longevity in character development and I think that's why I love the franchise so much.  It also allows us the opportunity to broaden the range of Holidaze Pop! character designs and feature a few of the most popular characters, especially in the first installment!

Today's design focuses on the heroine, the scream queen, the final girl..Sidney Prescott!
"Hello Sidney!"

Decked out in her final scene denim attire from the first Scream, Sidney would be a great addition to the Funko Pop! collection.  Neve Campbell did an incredible job playing Sidney Prescott and made her one of the most famous females in Horror history.  Personally, Sidney only falls behind one woman within the Horror genre and that's Laurie Strode, from Halloween, played by Jamie Lee Curtis.  I'm sure Neve Campbell would agree that ain't a bad comparison!

Perhaps the character of Sidney wouldn't be the most highly-sought after Funko Pop! figure, it certainly is a valued addition to the Holidaze Pop! line inspired by Funko.  As a fan of "Scream," I would absolutely love to see this created and released down the line.
"What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?"


  1. Thanks, buddy! I'd love for them to catch the eyes of Funko and possibly lead to a release. Scream characters would be a hit, but I have a variety on the way!


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