Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twix Ghosts

No matter how old I get, the traditional individually wrapped Halloween candy will always enhance the season.  Just seeing them sit there in their Halloween boxes makes me happy.  They're usually the first sign of Halloween in late August and, since I was a kid, I've always gone out of my way to make sure there's plenty to go around.  As I've gotten older, I've told myself to put off indulging in massive amounts of sugar until the week of Halloween.  Let's face it, with the amount of junk I cover, I'd either be on my way to the dentist or cardiologist if I actually ate it all.  Most of what you see is a "one-bite-put-away" before making another appearance before the big day.  But, for as quick as candies like Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins and Peppermint Patty Bats make their annual debut, they're gone just as quick and I'm left wishing I had indulged just a little bit more.

One of the newest items I've seen on shelves (when they weren't sold out) are Twix Ghosts!  Following in the others' footsteps, Twix has finally changed their shape for Halloween and embraced the season.  For as many as I've seen sold out, they must be wondering why they didn't do this sooner!

Ever since Twix released their Gingerbread Twix for Christmas, I always thought a Halloween variety would match well with their recipe.  I'm very surprised to see there isn't a Pumpkin Spice Twix pack, this year, because I think that combination would have been perfect for Fall.  Maybe the caramel would throw things off, but it worked wonderfully with Gingerbread and I'd expect Twix to put in the extra effort in 2015.  These Ghosts are what I consider a trial run in the world of spooks and I think they did a great job.  The wrapper leaves more to be desired, but simplicity is sometimes key and that one lonesome ghost makes all the difference.  If not for his grim grinning face, this would be not different than any other Twix cookie we've come across.  Slap a ghost on the right side and we're talking Halloween!

The same ghost on the wrapper has now multiplied in chocolate.  Can candy be beautiful?  Because these are beautiful!  I genuinely love Twix.  They're certainly close to the top on my list of favorites, but I always feel like there's never enough.  Those two Twix bars go quick and, before I know it, I'm left hungry and looking for more.  Maybe that's they objective.  Maybe they want to keep me fiending for chocolate and caramel so I come crawling back with more money in hand.  That doesn't always work, but it would for these bad boys and ghouls.  There's probably not much more candy content in these two Ghosts than there are in the classic bars, but these lost souls have the power to fool my mind and make me think otherwise.  I feel as though we're getting so much more candy for our buck when, in reality, I'm just a sucker for Halloween shapes.

I gladly took that ghost and busted his ass!  Okay, that didn't sound right.. Let me try again.  I ate that ghost's lower half!  Nope.. Now I'm rated NC-17.  I bit that ghost in half?  I guess we'll go with that.  No matter which way you cut it, these Twix are 10x more amazing because of their ghostly, circular, shape.  Instead of Twix bars, they're Twix patties and it makes a world of difference.  Your taste buddies will all thank you for picking up a pack of Twix Ghosts.  They're all going to be so surprised by the amount of candy your mind think it's receiving.  Meanwhile, the good people over at Twix are laughing all the way to the bank.  They also just stole my Pumpkin Spice Twix idea.  When that gets released next year, please remember where you heard it first.  My checks won't be in the mail.

I tried coming up with something clever for Carl Grimes.  Ya know, something that had to do with a jar of pudding and this giant Twix ghost.  So many corny things came to mind, but none of them were witty enough to share without embarrassment.  So I'll let your imagination run wild... all 3 of you.  If nothing else, I found a good excuse to use my Carl Grimes Mystery Mini.  God knows he was the last one I wanted out from that box.

10 / 10

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  1. Is that Carl Grimes? Explains the soulless expression- he got cold after he shot his mom. Those twix ghosts look amazing- I hadn't seen them around. Last year I worked part time at a Walgreens after work and boy, when it came to Halloween candy, I was in the know. Not this year it seems. Fun article, keep up the good work!


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